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Cornish Health Store: a history

Hello and welcome to the Cornish health store online shop, My name is Karen Williams and here is a short history of my ownership of this establishment.

On the 6th January 1991, at the age of 14, I began working at Country Store health foods as a Saturday girl, earning £5 a day to stock and clean shelves. My interview with the owner, Sydney Bush, took all of 5 seconds. He saw me, said yes, and the rest is history. Without my realising, that ‘yes’ from Sydney began my love of health and helping others and changed the course of my life.

In 1997, Sydney was in his 80s, and wanted to sell the business; offering it to me. As the oldest running health food shop in Cornwall, having been open since the 1970s, I knew the shop to be a longstanding part of the community. I had also spent years learning about the industry and the business from Sydney. With this knowledge I took the leap, and at the age of just 20 I took on a mortgage and bought the business.

The business continued to grow and thrive, and in 2001 we decided to open a shop in St Austell. At this time, I also began to write a weekly column for the West Briton called ‘Health Matters’, which was both a joy, and a great success.

2002 saw us expanding yet further, and taking on the lease for 5 Bond Street, Redruth. We knocked down a wall through from our existing shop to create a space entirely dedicated to organic produce, selling everything from fresh organic veggies to speciality organic products.

In 2012, that we decided to embark on a new venture, changing our organic shop into an organic coffee shop. Our aim for The Organic Coffee House, was to bring affordable organic veggie and vegan food to Redruth. This was an exciting new endeavour, and the business has gone from strength to strength.

In 2017, we celebrated a huge milestone, as staff from past and present gathered with me at The Penventon to commemorate 20 years as owner of Country Store, and toast to all the success we have been fortunate to achieve since then.

2012 was a year of big changes. We began to offer food intolerance testing, which proved to be a success. This gave us a chance to help more people on their road to a healthy lifestyle that suits them and growing my passion for health yet further.

This year will see yet more changes as we launch our new delivery company and rebrand as we become The Cornish Health Store. We never stop growing and we love to keep moving towards the next adventure, so look out and watch this space!

Cornish Health Store: our ethics
  • Promote holistic healthy lifestyles

We believe in a “whole person” approach to wellbeing including our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We offer expert advice on all our supplement and natural remedy range to help your make an informed choice for yours and your family’s health needs.

  • Support Organic foods and supplements

We have a wide range of organic foods and supplements available as we believe an organic lifestyle is important for our health, our planet and our future generation’s ability to thrive.

  • Support local producers and suppliers

You will find in store local honey, eggs and artisan bread. If you are a local producer or supplier please contact us with samples of your products we can offer to our customer.

  • Support Fair trade and rain forest alliance

We stock a wide range of fair trade products; by doing this we are promoting better working conditions and fair trading terms around the globe. Our Café The Organic Coffee House also provides triple certified coffee. And fair trade Teas and Chocolate.

  • Looking after our customers

We are extremely lucky and grateful that we have been supported by so many loyal and caring customers over the years. We continue to increase our wide range of products and we will order any natural food or supplement that cannot be found in store.

  • Being active members of our community.

We have several local charity collection tins in store and into which our 5p carrier bag charge goes.

We donate hampers and other health products to local charities and fund raisers.

We have a community notice board where you can post your event of service.

Many of our customers stop to chat with each other and offer advice or discuss issues over a coffee,

This really brings the family feel to our store and makes us glow with pride when we hear the exploits of our community.

Our Café supports the suspended coffee initiative, meaning that if you have fallen on hard times you can come in and ask for a suspended coffee or meal that has been paid for in advance from one of our lovely customers and if you’re feeling generous you can donate when ordering your food and drink.

Cornish Health Store: approach

Our approach is simple; to provide you with high quality products to your door professionally with the personal service you only get from an independent store.

We will deliver to you artisan bread, local honey, organic, gluten free and vegan foods, with a wide range of health supplements and herbal remedies plus fair trade and local produce weekly in returnable recyclable crates.

We can provide you with fresh cakes freshly ground coffee and homemade organic truffles form our sister store The Organic Coffee House. We care that you receive a respectful and ethical approach from our service.

You will find our personal service will provide you with reassurance and peace of mind. We offer a key holding service and mutually agreed secure drop off service.

We deliver on Fridays all orders online before Monday 2pm or Wednesday in store. We regret that we cannot give a set time for delivery but will inform you on the day if your delivery is to be in the morning or afternoon. Order online or in store.

Chose Cornish Country Store?

100% Organic Foods

At Cornish Health Store, we want the best for you which is why we sell 100% organic food, and sourced locally wherever possible.

We Deliver Locally

We bring the best health food products to your door, saving you time and travel.

Fast, Online Food Shopping

You can order items online, quickly from the convenience of your home with a huge range to choose from.

Quality Guaranteed

At Cornish Health Store, we source only the best products wherever possible – all tried, tasted and tested by us first.

Our Store

Eat healthy organically grown produce

We source many products from local farmers and producers, helping to build a strong local food economy.

Shopping local helps local businesses and saves on food miles

We’re happy to help you source the foods you want and deliver them to your door.

Save up to 2 hours per week grocery shopping

Order using our spreadsheet and save yourself having to make that trip, we’ll even help you choose your order.